Arthur Andersen
South Florida Alumni


Below is a listing of all Andersen South Florida alumni for whom we have a current email address.  This list also includes Andersen alumni who did not work in South Florida but live here and want to be part of our active South Florida network. Once you register on this website, you will be able to view additional information about your former co-workers, such as the Andersen offices where they worked, the years they worked for Andersen, the last position held and their service line.  You can search the database by using any of these criteria (use the Advanced Search function).  If the alumni does not show up in your search, try conducting your search in the Missing Alumni database.

You will not be able to view an alumni’s email address or telephone number unless that individual has authorized such use.  If you want to contact an alumni via email, you can do so by clicking on their name and then clicking on “Send Message”. 

If you have any information that will assist us in locating our missing alumni, please contact Alumni Administrator.


This site was developed and is maintained by former employees of Arthur Andersen's South Florida practice.  It is not an official site of Arthur Andersen LLP or Andersen Worldwide.

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